Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New Hat

Maren and Alcy were playing with Norah and Maren thought this swim diaper made a really cool hat.

Norah in September

Norah enjoying the swing at Gma and Gpa Talbot's
6 months old and riding the rocking sheep
She was just a little sleepy.
Isn't she cute!
Lots of cute here but I wouldn't want to cuddle!

Not really triplets!

I don't know if you can actually see from this picture, but it goes Tacey, Emiko & Mari! They were all wearing the same shirt. They had also all went shopping together and bought the same shorts. It has been really hard for the last while to tell them apart from behind. We thought it would be really funny if they wore their matching clothes. Two of them even had matching shoes!